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Replays are coming to SmashLadder! March 18, I was told that I should put something here so that everyone can tell at a glance that the site is alive and well June 15, An update from the Anther himself. First I would like to thank you all for being patient while this process finishes! Estimating about 5 more hours of moving the data. After that probably up to three hours of getting everything configured correctly. If the site’s auto timezone guessing is still working then good things should be happening at around June 15, So I’m in the process of moving it to a new one where database space can be dynamically adjusted so that this shouldn’t happen again in this way. Things might be a little laggy while adjusting to the new architecture. August 1, First I’d like to thank everyone for participating and using the ranking system here on SmashLadder!

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January 2, 2: I love that this is ultimately a story about risking everything for love. Destiny is still in control in some way. No one would bother enduring terrible dates and awkward sex and constant disappointment. There are so many real-life relatable moments in this episode that make it really special and add to its realism.

World of Tanks Statistics Data for this statistics is based on , public random games of the last 30 days with million tanks participated. Effects of premium accounts, daily .

Choose what works best for you — the familiar light appearance or the new Dark Mode. Introducing two new time-shifting desktops that match the hour of the day wherever you are. Slide to see how the Dynamic Desktop changes throughout the day. Stacks keeps your desktop free of clutter by automatically organizing your files into related groups. Arrange by kind to see images, documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and more sort themselves.

You can also group your work by date. And if you tag files with project-specific metadata, like client names, sorting by stacks becomes a powerful way to manage multiple jobs. To scrub through a stack, use two fingers on a trackpad or one finger on a Multi-Touch mouse. To access a file, click to expand the stack, then open what you need.

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Panthers within playoff placement following conquer Nobleman

A Closer Look at How World of Tanks Was Intentionally Created To those who haven’t been with the game for too long, this piece is here to enlighten you about how Wargaming operates as a company. Generally when people suggest the game being rigged, or that the matchmaker is out to get them, or anything like that, they quickly get shot down by the giant army of Wargaming fanboys. This isn’t to say that those claims are true per se, but there’s a significant lack of reason amongst many of the diehard World of Tanks players.

There are certain topics that, when brought up on the forums or elsewhere, they bring in all the trolls and the original poster is basically laughed away from the game. It’s these topics which I will now discuss in detail.

Black Panther is the new king of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is the studio’s best-reviewed movie, it’s breaking box-office records and it’s also the rare tentpole that’s truly speaking.

The Blitz is a wargaming community with a family atmosphere in which we all share the great passion of playing our favorite computer war games. After looking around, it will be easy to see that we support a large number of computer war games that cover a wide range of historical time frames. If you’re looking for a game head to the Forums and post a challenge, or use the Matchmaking system.

For a complete list of supported games click here. Welcome Aboard and hope you enjoy your stay! Combat Mission x2 It’s my great pleasure to announce the start of this year’s first tournament! If you’re interested in taking part, please post in this forum thread: Each round will be played as a QB-type medium mirrored game, on a map which will be provided.

‘Black Panther’ Scores Mighty $ Million Thursday Debut

And some recent QA as well Gaijin said: How is the progress of armoured cars coming along? How many armoured cars can we expect per nation? So far there is nothing new about armoured cars to say.

Mar 13,  · As Black Panther continues to dominate at the box office, surpassing $1 billion worldwide, athletes are starting to align themselves with one of the movie’s iconic gestures.

Captain Marvel by various authors and artists Originally published: Untitled Gambit Movie June 7, Adapted from: Homecoming Sequel July 5, Adapted from: Set to begin production in June , for a July 5, release date. The New Mutants August 2, Adapted from: Watch the first trailer. Wonder Woman 2 November 1, Adapted from: Rumor has it the sequel will be set during the Cold War. Director Patty Jenkins will return! Wicked December 20, Originally published: The two are working on a screenplay, with Schwartz teasing at least two new songs.

The movie will be released December 20, In the meantime, check out the stunning stage adaptation of the novel.

World of Tanks patch adds new tanks, new map, improves matchmaking

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A massive World of Tanks update has just landed, adding the Siegfriend Line map and a host of new heavy armour, including the Tiger, the VK , the Asuf A and much more, including a couple.

Leave a comment Another weekend rolls on, which means another World of Tanks Special. I could be wrong, but it does feel a little higgledy-piggledy. The range of tanks is pretty good however, though there are no mediums or lights involved. It runs the usual Saturday morning to Tuesday morning. Firstly, let us look at the tanks involved. These are split into two groups. Indeed, the ordinary HE ammo on the Somua and Hetzer is more than adequate to ruin the lives of the tanks these will come up against.

For those worried about these sort of tanks losing effectiveness after the HEAT change in 8. The Hummel is my favourite SPG currently, but given my relatively limited arty play that is not saying much.

Clean and Sober Movie Reviews, Analysis, Questions, and Answers

By Sam Stewart Valve has released the patch notes for Dota 2 update 7. Originally announced at The International back in August, The Dueling Fates update brings with it a massive number of new features and changes, including the two new heroes Pangolier and Dark Willow. Pangolier is a melee hero with powerful defenses, and the ability to negate enemy armor. Dark Willow is a ranged hero with a variety of disruptive abilities that can root, stun, and inflict fear on enemy heroes.

Exit Theatre Mode Dueling Fates also includes a rework to matchmaking, for both ranked and unranked players. Matchmaking Rating will now be seasonal, recalibrating every six months to ensure every player’s MMR is recent and accurate.

May 11,  · Nice discount weekend. Picked up Panther 2, then it’ll be the awesome, VK A (sarcasm), and not sure if I can scrounge up enough credits for the anything else but maybe JagTiger, G.W. Tiger, SU, Lorr. 40t or A

January 1, to February 1, Location: American Jewish Army chaplains were among the first to encounter Jewish survivors of the Nazi’s extermination campaign. One thousand American rabbis, half the rabbis in the United States, volunteered to serve in the war. Three hundred and eleven Jewish chaplains served on active duty. Of those, approximately 60 had the opportunity to help the survivors in Europe and elsewhere. AJHS organized this stirring exhibition on these chaplains drawn from its extensive holdings, including the records of the Jewish Welfare Board.

September 8, to December 29, For more information, please visit www. The exhibition examines this consequential year through the eyes of American Jews, who experienced these events both as Americans and as part of an international diaspora community. February 15, to February 27, Bubby:

Ryan Coogler To Direct ‘Black Panther 2’

When you get in a tank manned by multiple crew options, you can use C to switch between seats: Note that most light tanks only have 1 seat. Use the Ctrl button to get your head down a bit lower field of view, better protection. You cannot use weapons on 3rd person view.

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These third parties had control over the online gaming environment and with multiple third parties involved, it left a non-unified experience. A preview was released to registered Apple developers in August. The number of friends that can be connected to a single Game Center account is limited to Some games may feature achievements, where for completing a certain task, the player is rewarded points. Depending on the game, a leaderboard may be present where a player can compare his or her score with friends or the world.

Apps can choose to include any or all of the following features supported by Game Center: Leaderboards — compares scores with the player’s friends and with other players from around the world Achievements — Points are awarded to players as a part of Game Center’s achievement tracking system. Players can earn points by meeting specific in-game challenges.

Playing as Tanker

Oct 29, 4 This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game looks amazing and the music is great. The plot is shallow, filled with characters that are generic, lifeless, and utterly devoid of any reason as to why you might care about them. The main baddy, Gaul, has no motivation for anything he does other than “he’s a bad guy”, no backstory, and no reason for doing anything he does. The NPC protagonists are lifeless, flat, 2-dimensional objects who serve no purpose except as narrative devices to further what can only generously be called a plot.

GENERAL HANDLING CAUTIONS 1. Do NOT alter or modify your DPMS/Panther Arms firearm, and have it serviced regularly! 2. Always handle your firearm as if loaded.

Intrigued by the technological marvel brought to them, Mister Fantastic agrees. T’Challa and his people rejoice at the news and they raise the panther idol high before he enters the sacred temple and dons his ceremonial Black Panther garb. When they tell him that they are going to Wakanda, Johnny asks if they can bring his friend Wyatt Wingfoot along with them. Meanwhile, within the Great Refuge of the Inhumans, the royal family continues to try to find a way to break out of the barrier around their city.

Karnak attempts to use his abilities to see the flaws in any object to break through the barrier, but this proves to be a failure. As Maximus mocks his family from his cell, Black Bolt broods over what they must do next. Later, the Fantastic Four take the ship they were given to fly to Wakanda along with Wyatt.

When they land the ship they are surprised to find themselves in a massive mechanical forest. Upon disembarking the ship they are suddenly attacked by the Black Panther. Caught off guard the group splits up and faces off against various traps, Wakandan guards, and the Black Panther himself. By themselves, each member of the Fantastic Four are no match for the Black Panther, but when they regroup they easily outnumber and overpower the Panther who ceases his hostilities.

Unmasking, T’Challa reveals that he was merely testing the Fantastic Four’s fabled abilities and has invited them to his land to for a grave task. This story is continued next issue

FACT CHECK: Are White People Being Assaulted at Showings of ‘Black Panther’

American As you can see, in addition to vehicles that fought, there are quite a few of prototypes, paper projects, and immediate postwar vehicles. Below the main trees are “special tanks” – on the left are premium tanks bought with real money, on the right are ones that you’ll get either with the game box, or at special events.

Combat is fairly straightforward – two teams of fifteen tanks each start on opposite sides of a map, about a kilometer square. Each team starts near a flag; around a flag there is a meter circle.

Everyone is actually actively playing the actual min’s and also the functions these were designed to perform earlier within the 12 months, inch stated Jokinen, that place the actual Panthers forward 1: fourteen to the 2nd prior to the Nobleman roared to connect this within the exact same time period.

Shinkashinko Death has a lot of paperwork but with his master sad, even his reapers were more focused on cheering up his master where they left uncollected he finds a way to help his master while getting his worksouls. Read to find out more. Fiction M – English – Harry P. So please be kind. I fixed the code thing from before. I don’t own Inuyasha or harry potter. On with the story!

Sesshomaru smelled an interesting scent. It was the scent of a submissive inu yokai. It was very appealing that had sesshomaru’ inner yokai calling to go and take their sweet going to be mate before some other demon takes him. Sesshomaru swore he could resist the scent but every time he turned to leave his yokai would throw a fit. Sesshomaru finally gave up and sought the scent.

How to play the Panther 8,8 cm L/71?

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