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They also discontinued the number 4 size pan with the Century series. I’m still looking for authentic or photographic verification of the size difference between the Red Mountain and Century series 14 pans. All of their pans had handles with a scooped hole on the underside for hanging the pan, shaped in the style seen here. The hole is teardrop shaped. There is a ridge or edge along the underside of the handle from the handle to the hole. This handle was longer and thinner, and the hanging eye hole had more of an oval shape than a teardrop shape. More notably, the handle was curved rather than straight.

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Pieces from this company are worth less, but still work well for everyday cooking. When you spot a piece of cast iron cookery and you want quality, check the bottom for any signs that Wagner Ware manufactured the piece. Turn the pan over and look at the bottom. Look for writing on the bottom of the piece, indicating that it was made in Sidney, Ohio.

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I cook everything in it. A little Bon Ami will help remove any stains but, frankly, I’ve never had anything even tomato stain this cookware. But I do wonder if the acidic tomato contributes towards the pitting in the interior of my Magnalite, something I have noticed in the last few years. Unfortunately, I’ve not only noticed that my Magnalite has pitted interior but it has also darkened both surfaces –probably, through misuse per cleaning.

These things may just be a sign of old age and I have plenty of that, too. I have a question, though, of those who have had Magnalite cookware for several years. Is there any way to brighten it up?

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By Roy Nuhn As seen in The Antique Shoppe Newspaper, July Types of cast metal have being used in cooking for centuries; however true cast iron did not have a major role in the kitchen until the s. Today classic kitchen cast iron is not only eye appealing to decorating collectors but winning a following of those who enjoy cooking with it as well.

An early cast iron favorite was the muffin pans. In a Boston merchant obtained patents on a number of cast iron muffin pans, many of which would remain remarkably similar to others for more than 50 years. In the s there was a great demand for cast iron cake pans to bake gem muffins.

Vintage Wagner Ware Magnalite Sidney Art Deco Aluminum Tea Kettle. Brands, Magnalite, Wagner Ware, National, Long Life, Wardway and Ward’s Cast Iron. The Wagner Manufacturing Company was a family-owned manufacturer of cast iron and aluminum products based in Sidney, Ohio, US.

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On the bottom of the deepest skillet it has Wagner Ware,Sidney,, A. On the bottom side of the handle it has a 0 on it. On the bottom of the other skillet/ lid it has only the rings around it.

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Wagner Ware Sidney O Extra Deep Skillet S Vintage Cast Iron Chicken Fryer

Women Wagner Manufacturing Company It is interesting to note that although Wagner Manufacturing Company would later gain international fame for its cast iron cookware, Philip Smith was also in the cookware industry in Sidney, Ohio, at an early date. He founded the Sidney Hollow Ware Co. Wagner eventually bought out Smith’s business in Smith retired in after almost half a century as a business and community leader.

John Loughlin’s school desk carried the name of Sidney around the country, but cookware from Sidney put Sidney ‘on the map’ for good.

Restored-vintage Wagner Ware Sidney O 9″ Cast Iron Chef Skillet P/n unique. Vntg Lodge #3 Cast Iron Frying Pan Cleaned And Seasoned Great Condition. Grill Bbq Pan Griddle Large Cast Iron Reversible Top Stove Roasting Two Sided. Favorite Piqua Ware #9 Griddle.

Go to our new site: We have a free eBook to help you find the date of your Wagner. Wagner Ware Cast Iron: How old is my Wagner cast iron skillet? Is there a way to date my Wagner cast iron dutch oven? Or even my Griswold skillet? It is not an easy answer and there are a few factors to consider. So, first off there is a line of demarcation for collectible cast iron cookware.

I would say the s — early s made cast iron cookware is still pretty darn good and probably some of those pieces are better than what you can get today. Read a little more about the history of Wagner Cast Iron and even Griswold Cast Iron… In many cases, we cannot determine the exact date that a piece of cookware was made. We can come pretty close to a range of dates once we understand a little bit about the manufacturing of the cookware. The iron foundries would have moulds for the various pieces of cookware and over time the moulds would need to be replaced.

Or through expansion the foundries would get more moulds to increase production or to make another piece of cookware. Why is all this is important?


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Renowned for their durability, cast-iron skillets, pots, and baking pans last for generations and are commonly sought out at antique malls, estate auctions and yard sales. Each piece often provides only a few inconspicuous, cryptic markings to help decipher its quality, history and value. Brand A manufacturer of cast-iron cookware often stamps its name in large text on the underside of the piece. For example, Wagner, Griswold, Lodge, Wapak and Favorite are some common names seen in cast-iron cookware.

Size A number corresponding to the cast-iron cookware’s size usually appears on the top of the handle or on the underside of the piece. Standard-size numbers, starting with the smallest, range from 2 to 14, and then jump to 20, the largest.

My Collection of WagnerWare, Wagner “Sidney”, and Sidney Cast Iron Skillets

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