Harvest Moon : a tale of two towns ( panduan bermain/walktrough )

When you have 6 Full bloom red flowers u can buy a blue feather from Deigo’s General Store. Without the blue feather you can’t propose to him. However he does have a reverse proposal. You have to have his mom and little sister at 4 or more flowers. Jul 30, Answer from: Savvys star You don’t have to win cooking festivals just have him at a full flower Jessica at 4 flower Cheryl at 4 flowers and you’ve seen all the heart events Posted on: Apr 13, Answer from: Gamer girl Make sure Cheryl and Jessica are at 4 white flowers or more each. Then check if he’s at full bloom, ok FULL bloom! Next get a blue feather from Raul or Diego’s shop.

Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns (Game)

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Harvest Moon

If you choose to reside in Konohana, you’ll get a bigger plot of land to farm. However, if you prefer raising sheep to crops, Bluebell will be more your style, as you’ll have a fully-stocked barn when you start. However, that’s where the differences end. No matter which town you choose to reside in, you’ll have the same goal: Of course, doing this won’t be easy, and you’ll have to do a lot of farming to do before everyone will come around.

The more hearts a bird has, the larger egg it can lay. You can increase your affection with your animal by leaving it outside, picking it up and down, and by using the Touch G love to pet your bird. If you use the Touch Glove you can reach a Red Heart in the petting mini game with a score of with a chicken, and with a duck.

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Souji Okita is anything but sane. Chizuru Yukimura is anything but rebellious. Both siblings are trying desperately to leave their pasts in the past. Can they really start over? Or is their past destined to catch up with them. Harvest Moon – Rated: To make things fair, they make a deal. N will stop his ambitions on one condition: White must become his princess.

Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns ROM Download

She loves Relax tea and hates Elli leaves. Rival – Rock Heart events: Enter the Villa between 4:

Harvest Moon is the name given to the full moon that rises closest to the Autumnal Equinox–which is September The Harvest Moon can be seen in all its glory on September Harvest moon .

Quoted from Sora de Eclaune: Can’t we get a Harvest Moon game where you start off as being a long-time resident of the town you play the game within? Can’t there be more than just farming and afterthought minigames? Can’t there be decent dating simulation to get to the marrying as in, a lot more choices to make the marrying and the subsequent marriage a bit more interesting? And what about the farming and cooking; can’t we have little minigames in that too such as, you can’t sell anything you take from the ground until it’s cleaned off sufficiently..

Or you have to do Cooking Mama-style minigames to prepare a meal? The whole point of the games is to build up an awesome ranch from basically nothing but an empty, dirty field. It was adorable, sure!

Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns

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Mar 29,  · Hell you could even one up HM by having it where a female S.O. can propose! (In the HM games, only the males can propose to a female PC). So my one huge request would be for this.

This is a work in progress but will be updated regularly! Turnip Salad, a Recipe that is included with the Kitchen requires nothing more than a single Turnip to complete. Cooking Festivals are far more frequent in Tale of Two Towns than in any other Harvest Moon game and in fact, the first major task assigned to you by the Harvest Goddess is linked to the Cooking Festivals.

Both Bluebell Town and Konohana Town attend the Cooking Festivals that occur on the Mountaintop and the participation and interactions of the Mayors at these Festivals will allow them to increase their Friendship. The Harvest Goddess will not allow the Tunnel that once connected the two Villages to be unblocked until the residents of Bluebell and Konohana and especially their Mayors can live in harmony.

Cooking Festivals occur a couple of times each Season and each will have a Theme that is marked on your Calendar. A Player living in either Village will be given Ingredients by the Mayor and assigned a specific Dish for the first Cooking Festival that is held on 7 Spring. The result appears to be random to some extent, unless your own Dish is of the most superior Quality as the other Team’s entries are chosen randomly. In other words, if the Dishes that the other Team enters are of low Quality, your Team can win with a mediocre Dish.

If, however, the other Team’s Dishes are of superior Quality, it will be far more difficult for your Team to win early in the game. The biggest difference between a Win and a Loss is with respect to the increase in the Friendship Level between the two Mayors. If your Team wins, the increase will be slightly greater than it will be if your Team loses. It is not a significant difference in any case.

After this Contest, you will be given a Pot and will be able to make quite a few Dishes without much trouble.

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Some of the latest installments have been a little disappointing, like the ones which take out the marriage and courtship aspect. But Tale of Two Towns perfectly recaptures the magic of Harvest Moon by beautifully balancing farming with the social aspects which are my favorite parts of the franchise. Two Towns starts off with two “rival” villages, and it’s up to the player to patch things up.

One town Bluebell is livestock-oriented and with the standard Harvest Moon European country village flair; the other town Konohana is crop-oriented and has a beautiful Eastern style, with paper lanterns hanging from the eaves. The player picks a village though the player can change villages later, if desired to live and work in and focuses on rebuilding relationships between the villagers.

Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns is a farming/dating simulation game for the Nintendo DS.

The Tale Of Two Towns If you are a fan of Harvest Moon, you already know exactly what to expect from the latest iteration of the blockbuster farming sim series. Even before you start the game, you know you’ll have to build a farm, raise some livestock, find a nice girl or guy to settle down with, and save the world through agriculture.

It’s a familiar setup to be sure, but it’s also one that has enchanted fans for more than a decade. So what exactly can we say about Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns that hasn’t been said before? Well, quite a bit actually.

Dungeons (RF3)

Very cute and excitable. Everyone Calls Him “Barkeep”: If you marry her or raise her affection high enough she’ll eventually tell you her name is actually Ulyssa, but she usually only tells people to call her the Oracle.

Harvest moon tale of two towns dating georgia, flower events. Georgia tow asking about your farm work. If you have a cow and a cooking pot, you can make Hot Milk for her. She is an incredibly hard worker, and will spend most of her time at the animal shop.

Unlocked after the first tunnel upgrade. Throughbred Horse Contributed by: Some of the request may require friendship from the requester. Unlockable Unlockable Requested by Sheng in 1st year you need to raise 5, FP to unlocked the request needed G and 10 branches. Fishing Rod Requested by Sheng in Spring 12 at 1st year needed 8 stones. Hammer Requested by Rutger needed 10 old boots and 10 old balls Master Rod Requester by Oracle in year 2 needed 10 old balls and 10 material lumber.

Skateboard Requested by Oracle in year2 needed 10 elli leaves and 10 snow balls. Snowboard Requested by Ash needed 5 milk and 5 egg plus 1, g Stethoscope Contributed by: Cardboard Cart Available at either Animal shop starting in year 3. Chicken Cart Win any Cooking Festival in year 2. Fancy Cart Available at either Animal shop starting in year 3. Lion Cart Win any Cooking Festival in year 2. Shrine Cart Own the Shrine Cart and the Fancy Cart and have the tunnel between both towns reconnected, and then win a cooking festival starting in year 2.

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I’d like to replay IoH someday too c:. I’m really excited for RF4 as well. But they didn’t ever push it back. There was never an official release date to begin with. All the dates that have been thrown around were just estimates by other companies or other people and their guesses were simply wrong.

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